Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ready for fall

As you can see, my mom helped me decorate my personal space for fall.

This is a picture of me enjoying my personal space.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Further adventures

Often my life as an elder canine is very boring - eat, sleep, entertain my parents...but some exciting things have happened lately so I'll tell you about them.

First I spent a week in the city with my brother and Jin.  It was a change of pace and offered me many new things to smell.

This is me and my brother.
He took me on a long ride and guess what!  My parents were there!  Don't I look happy to be back in my truck...

Then we went to visit my cousin Teddy.  Here we are enjoying bully sticks together...A bully stick is truly a wonderful thing and a good thing to share with your relatives.

Now my parents and I are in the woods somewhere. I am enjoying the foliage.

I am a very sensitive canine