Monday, March 28, 2011


For the last few days my parents have been out alot with our Texas friends.  They know I miss them. 

Yesterday my parents made me feel better by taking me out for brunch.  We ate at a place called the Lodge - on their deck outside.
This is the Lodge.  For some reason it smelled faintly of my brother..

We had a very nice time.  I greeted some little girls and ate some eggs and cheese.  I also barked at a dog or two.

These are some pictures of me at brunch

I had to go home and take a nap afterwards while my parents went out with their friends again.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A lovely surprise

On Thursday my parents called me to go outside and what a pleasant surprise...friends from Texas had come to visit me.  We met with our Airstreams a year or so ago.  They loved me and took me for walks when my parents went away.

This is a picture of me and my friends Ed and Debbie - she has the same name as my mom!

Other friends came too - Jerry and Irene. I don't have a picture of them:(.  It was a lovely evening and I didn't even fall asleep until after they left.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

At the spa with Lolita

My parents took me to the spa today.  I needed a rest after the excitement of being with my brother.

I made a new canine friend today - Lolita.  She is a 9 - year old mixed breed who recently lost her father.  How sad!  Her father loved her a lot and took her for lots of walks.

The humans at the spa asked me to  try to cheer her up.  She hadn't wanted to play.  We hit it off very well and spent a lot of time together.  I think Lolita felt better after being with me.  The humans thought so too.

All canines are therapy dogs.

Now I can go to sleep.

Monday, March 21, 2011

My brother Josh

My brother Josh visited with his friend Eric.

Josh took me for walks and petted me and let me sleep in his bed.  He is a great brother.

This is a picture of me and my brother...

Josh said that his friend Eric has a puppy who he is training to be a service dog.  Aren't we all service dogs?

I'll sleep on it.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Back in Tampa

Yes, I am back in Tampa.

I had a great time at my Uncle Bob's.  He overfed me and gave me corned beef on St. Patrick's Day. 

He also thinks I'm very smart because I can easily find the way to the door that goes to his house.  It's right by the kitchen and I just follow the smell of the food:)

There was also a great treat for me when I got home.  My BROTHER JOSH was there!!!  I was so excited!  I slept with him last night - in his bed - he loves me!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My godfather

My godfather is Uncle Bob.  I also have an Uncle Dan.  They have an Airstream. They also have a nice little house in an "RV community".

It's near a lake.
It also has a big window for me to look out of...

On Sunday my parents told me that I was going to stay at my Uncle Bob's for a few days.  He has an infestation of squirrels near his house and he needs me to help clear it out.

I may not be able to use his computer - you may not see me for a few days.

This is me and my Uncle Bob.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Another busy day

My parents and I went visiting today.  We visited people with Airstreams.   At the first place I took a walk and then kept my Mom and her friend safe while she knitted.  Her friend had a small white dog that tried to attack my mom.  I growled and bit its nose. Everybody yelled and screamed.  I am such a brave dog.

See the look of determination on my face.

Then we went to visit my godfather at another campground.  He was so happy to see me!  I was happy to see him too.  

We got home late and I went to sleep.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bayshore pet resort

My Dad woke me up early on Thursday and took me to the Bayshore Pet Resort - a place for me to relax after my busy day at Paw Beach.

I don't know what my parents did all day but I spent the time with some lovely people and some "clam" canines.  Sometimes it's easier to be with canines than with people - you always have to entertain people - lie down, roll over, have a treat.

Here is a picture of me leaving the resort - don't I look rested?

I slept well when I got home!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Paw Beach

Today is a special day.  My parents tell me it is my birthday.  I want to thank all of my canine, feline and human friends who have wished me a happy birthday.

In honor of me my parents took me to the dog park and then to the dog beach

There were some pleasant canines there....  

...and, of course some humans who wanted to admire and pet me.  

I also dipped my paws in the water...that seemed to make my Mom happy.

When I got home I took a nice nap with my Dad.  I think I will dream of this day for quite a while.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I read your blog...

I was home alone today for a long time.  When I was through sleeping and checking things in the house, I went on the computer and read Sadie, Trixie and Sam's mom's blog.

I was pleased to see that she has followed my advice and purchased extra dog beds for when she does the wash - even though she didn't get as many as I suggested.

Sadie, Trixie and Sam - you shouldn't give your mom attitude any more - she is trying - no more sighing or eye rolling.

BTW, I've head some talk about MY bed being washed!!!