Monday, August 25, 2014

Another rally

Although I have not been in perfect health these last few weeks I did manage to go to an Airstream rally over the weekend.  There I was admired both by those who already knew me and some new friends.

This is me with my dear friend George.  George helped me and my parents get my Airstream and he takes good care of it now when it has problems.

This is me and George.

And this is me resting after all the excitement.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

I'm slowing down...

Unfortunately it has not all been begging and bully sticks on the trip.

I got some sort of infection that made me very uncomfortable.

My parents took me to two vets and I felt a little better.

After we got home I went to my usual vet.  He gave me some pills and told me I am getting old.

It is true - I am.

I cannot run up the stairs anymore - I've been sleeping downstairs or letting my Dad carry me upstairs.

My legs hurt and my food doesn't taste as good as it did.  It's harder to chew my bully sticks so my parents found softer treats for me...

I sleep a lot.

My parents love me so much I know that it hurts them when I am not well.

I hope that I get better soon.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Caravan

My parents ran a caravan this summer.  A caravan is a group of Airstreams doing things together.  This one had to do with things that happened a long time ago when Americans won their freedom from England.  People wore funny clothes then but I am a tolerant canine - as long as they don't make me wear funny clothes!

Since it was hot a lot of the time my parents kept me cool in my Airstream.  But I did get to go to one fort (a special place) and get a lot of attention from Ranger Jeff.

He told me how happy he was to see a canine visiting his fort, especially one as beautiful and well behaved as myself.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My busy summer

My parents and I have done a lot this summer.  That's my excuse for not updating my blog as I should have.  I do need someone to help me sometimes - remember - no opposable thumbs.

First we went to Providence to see my cousin Jon graduate from Brown University.  This is my cousin Jon and my aunt and uncle

I had the opportunity to explore a new city...

 at least the lower portions of it....

Then we went to an Airstream Rally.  I always enjoy those.  I got to make a new canine friend - Missy.  Missy barked a lot.

This is me and Missy...

After the rally we did a lot of driving.  I often helped my parents with directions.

...and you can imagine how happy I was to find this exclusive area, just for me, at one of the rest stops.

 When we got to MIchigan I was delighted to see my dear friend Clancy and his parents Irene and Jerry...

Clancy and I have so much fun together...

 Aren't we cute?  Wouldn't you give us treats?????

Unfortunately Clancy had an accident with his paw and was forced to wear one of these strange collars.
But as soon as he figured out how to lick his paw even with the collar his parents took it off!  We canines are so clever!

The highlight of the trip was when my parents took me on a short ferry ride on the St. Mary's River.

Our next stop was in Syracuse to see my aunt and uncle and Grandma Emily.  Also my cousin Teddy, another very noisy canine.

He's the one with the bushy tail.

While in Syracuse I visited my dear friends Bill and Jerry who have a lovely house on a lake with a funny name - Skinny Atlas - I enjoyed lying in the sun.