Thursday, June 30, 2011

My friend Cathy

We've settled in at this very nice campground and I am generally having a good time.  However, my parents haven't been paying as much attention to me as I would like.  They've gone away for long days and left me.  Fortunately I have my friend Cathy.

This is me and my friend Cathy.  She is the mother of my dear friend Trouper who I have not seen much of lately.  That is probably just as well as you know about me and canines.

Anyhow, Cathy comes and walks me when my parents are gone for a long time.  She sits with me and pets me.  She loves me.  Then she goes back to Trouper.  Sigh!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A temporary new home

My parents and I have been traveling for a few days.  It's given me the opportunity to catch up on my sleep.  You know that I need a good 16 hours to be alert...

Well, today we arrived someplace in Illinois and we're going to stay here for a while.
This is a picture of me working with some gentlemen to decide where exactly we will be staying..

And this is where we will be for the next ten days or so.  I think it's rather nice.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Where have I been?

I know that you've all been wondering why I haven't been posting.  Well, for a while I didn't do much.  Also, for the last few days I've been kind of sluggish - maybe the humidity - maybe age...

But on Wednesday I went on a road trip with my parents.  It was an all day road trip to a pretty place upstate.

First we went to an office where several women were working. They all stopped work and came to pet me.  One woman smelled of canine and she petted me a lot.  They even gave me some water in a paper cup.

Then we went to a place with lots of grass and buildings.  I made another new friend - Gary -

  Gary took me and my parents for a ride in a strange vehicle...

I must say that I didn't like it.  I jumped out.  After I rode on the floor in front.  I prefer to walk.

After that Gary and my parents decided that I could walk around without my leash.  I did enjoy that!  I followed my parents around and went from shady spot to shady spot.

Then I made a doody and we went home.

Get Well Wishes

I heard that my friends Sam and Cashmere are not feeling well. 
I hope that they feel better soon.

I'm sending you a picture of me.  I hope that helps you feel better.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

An exciting day

Today was a very exciting day.  First of all the weather was lovely...

Then some of my old friends from the Sheriff's department came to visit - Frank and Jerry - they were so happy to see me!  I bounded out of the house and invited them in.  Unfortunately they had to go back to work.

Also a friend of my Dad's came to visit us from far away.  Her name is Holly.  She was so happy to meet me.  She rubbed my tummy, gave me treats and took a lot of pictures of me with a very big camera.  She came with such wonderful smells on her - dogs and cats - multiple dogs and cats!  It was so delicious. I enjoyed sniffing her.  We are now good friends.

A special note to Trixie, Sadie and Sam:  I hope it stops raining where you are and you can lay outside on your tummies in the sun.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A weekend away

On Friday my parents woke me up very early and we drove our camper to an Airstream rally near Gettysburg PA.As usual, I got to make some new human friends and reconnect with those I already knew.  Everyone was very glad to see me and, of course, I was the center of attention and enjoyed myself immensely.

I had a surprise on Sunday when my friends Bob and Cathy (they own Pets Warehouse) came to visit and brought my dear friend Trouper. 

Trouper can be a bit snappy so he stayed in his house most of the time but we were basically in the same space at the same time.  I can be very generous with my space.

Then we drove to a most unusual campground.  

We were the only people there so my parents let me wander around without my leash.  How interesting! 

And my brother came to visit and I was able to sleep with him in the camper.  The next day we went home.  It was a nice weekend.